Kapaan funnbørste med lupe

Kapaan multifunksjons funnbørste med lupe. For førstegangs rengjøring av funnobjekter (som du ser ikke er innleveringspliktige...). For bruk "ute i felt".

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Kapaan multifunksjons funnbørste med lupe og retraktor.

For første rengjøring av funnobjekter (som du ser ikke er innleveringspliktige...) "ute i felt"

Meget solid multifunksjons børste, med plastbørste på ene siden, og stålbørste (for jernobjekter) på andre siden. Fremme på tuppen er det (under en plasthette) en spiss liten stålpigg man kan pirke med. Festet til børsten er en 30x Triplet lupe, 21mm i diameter. 

Det hele kan henge i medfølgene retraktor hvis man ønsker det.



The multifunctional Kapaan find brush is a must for every detectorist! You can easily attach this identification tool to your search bag, pants, holster or belt with the snap hook. That way, you’ll always have it close by and never lose it in the field. The pull cord (the lanyard) can be pulled out up to a length of 55 cm.

After digging up your finds, you can clean the valuable objects such as silver, copper or gold coins with the plastic brush. The iron finds can be cleaned with the steel brush. The brush has a steel tip at the top that you can use to scrape out narrow grooves. After cleaning, you can take a close look at your finds immediately to read illegible data, labels or texts to identify the finds.

With the Kapaan multifunctional find brush you can clean coins directly on site and then look at and read the engraved years / texts more closely with the magnifying glass. The find magnifier is also ideal for reading the authenticity features on any gold or silver jewelry.

On the handle there is a ruler from 0 to 5 cm, with which you can also measure your finds.

Cleaning up and identifying your finds in the field has never been easier than with this Kapaan multi-tool!

Length 18,5 cm
Length scratch tip 1 cm
Length lanyard 55 cm
Dimensions steel brush 4 x 1,5 cm
Dimensions plastic brush 4 x 1,5 cm
Dimensions magnifying glass 3 x 2,1 cm
Measuring scale 0 to 5 cm
Weight 91 g