Kapaan Multipurpose vest for detektorister

Kapaan Multipurpose vest er laget av detektorister - for detektorister. Kvalitet! One size fits all. Mange justeringsmuligheter, store og små lommer, hylster for håndspade og pinpointer, armavlaster bunge mm.

PrisNOK880,00 inkl. mva.
På lager: 7 stk.


Kapaan Multipurpose vest er laget av detektorister - for detektorister. Meget bra kvalitet! Full/detaljert produktbeskrivelse på engelsk lenger ned.

One size fits all. Det er mange justeringsmuligheter, og solide stropper med hurtiglåser.

Mange lommer for oppbevaring av funn, funnbokser, skrot, mat og drikke osv.

Ferdig monterte hylster for håndspade og pinpointer (kan tas av).

På vesten er også montert en armavlaster bunge som kan festes på detektoren for å avlaste armen (kan tas av).

Innsiden av vesten har flere store puter / padding for at den skal være behagelig å bruke.

Et virkelig flott produkt. Vi var meget imponert når vi første gang fikk inn disse vestene.



The multifunctional detectorist harness from Kapaan consists of an ergonomic weight distribution system for the metal detector combined with an integrated find bag, pin pointer holster, digger holster, drinking bottle holder, a large (detector) backpack and many other storage compartments. This makes it the most complete metal detection harness on the market!

Connect the ergonomic weight distribution system to your detector via the bungee connection and you will hardly feel the weight of your detector. Ideal for everyone who has back, shoulder or arm problems when searching with a metal detector or for whom the detector is simply too heavy. The padded harness also provides optimal comfort for your back and shoulders. The weight distribution system and the supplied bungee cord can be carried by both left and right-handed people.

The supplied pin pointer holster and digger holsters are universal and therefore suitable for almost all brands and models of pin pointers and diggers. The holsters can simply be attached to the flaps of the large front pocket. You can also attach other holsters or accessories to the bag, for example the Kapaan find brush (not included).

The harness offers enough options to serve as a find bag. There are large zip pockets on both the left and right sides that are suitable for this purpose. There are also two large zipped pockets on the inside of the harness. The harness also has an elastic side pocket for e.g. your water bottle and a pocket for your mobile phone.

The back of the harness consists of a large backpack that folds out with press studs, in which you can store all of your detector, accessories, a (rain) jacket, food, drinks or other accessories. When you don’t need the large backpack, you can fold it easily and compactly with the press studs so that it is almost invisible. There are also 2 zipped pockets on the back.

This unique product from Kapaan has been specially developed for the metal detector hobbyist, but can also be used for other outdoor activities. The whole thing is made of very strong and high quality polyester.

The harness is suitable for everyone from size L to size 4XL and is fully adjustable in terms of waist, chest and hips, so it is suitable for every body type.

  • Two elastic compartments for bottles
  • Large, open backpack with two adjustable straps
  • One large and one small zip pocket on the back
  • Large pocket on the front left with zipper, two inside pockets and pockets for pens
  • Large pocket on the front right with zip
  • Small pocket on the front right with zipper, with four inside pockets
  • Small smartphone pocket on the front left
  • Two large inside pockets with zip
  • Two open inside pockets
Material 100% polyester
Dimensions backpack 21 x 33 cm, Height 31 - 39 cm
Dimensions zip bag back Depth 30 cm, opening 18 cm
Color Black
Care instructions Hand wash up to 30°
Size L to 4XL